Workshop: 24-26 April

24 Apr 2017

Amazon is pleased to announce the Edinburgh event in Amazon's Academic Engagement Program in Machine Learning. This will be a three day event to bring together scientists working at Amazon and academic leaders in the field. Its goal is to foster stronger links between Amazon's scientists and the academic communities many of them came from.

The event will run over three days with distinct themes. Day one will be a day of talks and posters from academics, with opportunity for faculty, students and post-docs to present their work and discuss important topics in machine learning research. Day two will be a day of talks and discussions from scientists at Amazon, where they will give an overview of how machine learning drives the customer experience across a range of different areas and the unique challenges and opportunities we face operating at Amazon's scale. The final day will be hosted in collaboration with AWS: here, they will focus on hands-on use of Amazon services to accelerate machine learning research, particularly in the areas of Deep Learning (on-demand GPU machines) and processing large datasets with Spark. You should leave with practical experience using these tools on an example problem and a sense of how on-demand cloud computing can simplify and expand your research.

Please register your interest by 31st January 2017 in attending the above: registration now closed.

Further details regarding times, locations and ticket availability will be advised in the near future.