Why Edinburgh?

The University of Edinburgh is one of the leading centres of data science and artificial intelligence research in Europe.

You will be part of an environment that includes:

  • Almost 85 faculty, including many with prestigious Fellowships
  • External research funding of over £50 million. This funding supports over 120 research staff, providing opportunities for research interaction and collaboration. (See list of research staff in Informatics and in Mathematics.)
  • Almost 350 current PhD students, including almost 100 studying in areas related to Data Science and AI. (See list of PhD students in Informatics and in Mathematics.)
  • You will be housed in the new Bayes Centre, adjacent to the Informatics Forum. This has been designed to encourage research interaction
  • Our PhD students have won over 20 notable paper and dissertation awards in the past 10 years in areas related to data science.

You will also benefit from interacting with over 40 external private and public sector partners.