Sona Galovicova - Cohort 2015

Sona Galovicova MSc(R) Dissertation Title:
Analysis of techniques for coarse-to-fine decoding in neural machine translation

Sorcha Gilroy - Cohort 2014

Sorcha Gilroy PhD Thesis: Probablistic Graph Formalisms for Meaning Representations.

Research Interests: Machine translation and natural language processing. Particular interest in semantic representations of sentences and formal languages of graphs.

Andreas Kapourani - Cohort 2014

Andreas Kapourani PhD Thesis: Spatial Statistical Modelling of Epigenomic Variability.

Research Interests: Developing statistical models to understand (single-cell) epigenetic heterogeneity and capture spatial correlations of epigenetic marks that would uncover the interplay between genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in transcriptional regulation. Also, probabilistic integrative models for combining multimodal biological data, such as expression, methylation and accessibility.

Jozef Mokry - Cohort 2015

Jozef Mokry MSc(R) Dissertation Title:
Pipeline-tolerant Decoder

George Papamakarios - 2014 intake

George Papamakarios PhD Thesis Title: "Neural density estimation and likelihood-free inference"

Probabilistic machine learning, approximate methods for Bayesian inference. Past interests have included optimization, computer vision, and parallel computing.


Theo Pavlakou - Cohort 2014

Theo Pavlakou MSc(R) Dissertation Title:
Developing Tractable Density Estimation Models

Denitsa Saynova - Cohort 2014

Denitsa Saynova Large-scale data mining and its application to scientific data, in particular – astronomical data.