Executive Committee


The CDT's Executive Committee provides strategic direction, leadership, and daily management for the CDT in Data Science.

Amos Storkey - Director

Amos Storkey Deep learning, Understanding neural networks, Machine learning and reinforcement learning under real word constraints. Transfer learning and meta-learning, Bayesian methods, machine learning markets, learning representations & structure, models for sequences & connections to neural computation. Applications in images, brain imaging, medicine & signal processing music and games.

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Milos Nikolic - Co-Director

Milos Nikolic Databases, large-scale data management systems, in-database learning, stream processing, incremental computation, query compilation.


Siobhan Carroll - CDT Administrator

Siobhan Carroll


Andreas Pieris

Andreas Pieris Databases with emphasis on query languages, knowledge representation and reasoning, computational logic and its applications to computer science


Peter Buneman

Databases: data models, query languages, semistructured data, data provenance, databases and programming languages. Programming languages: functional programming and type systems. Bioinformatics and scientific databases. Mathematical phylogeny.


Lindsey Fox - Graduate School Manager

Lindsey Fox .


Neil Heatley - CDT Manager

Neil Heatley


Ken Scott - Business Development Executive

Ken Scott Startup & Spinout Companies, Technology Licensing, Consultancy, Collaborative Research, Industry Studentships